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An Ongoing Series of Informational Entries

Becoming an Author

June 5, 2021

I for one never thought I would be a published author. I was already a song lyric writer from a very young age, so writing in that sense, was always there. It wasn't until much later in life that I even contemplated sharing my stories in book form and it was because a friend of mine and a famous recording artist wrote books of their own that I even began to really think about it.

I must say that after my first book was published, I was elated and nervous at the same time (I'm sure we all as beginning writers have felt that way, today still) and it was definitely a learning experience. I did more research going into my second book and even changed publishing companies, it is all trial and error in anything you attempt to accomplish. 

Remember why you got into writing in the first place and build upon that in order to grow and get better with each poem, book or song that you write. If I can, you can. 

Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

June 7, 2021

I have seen a lot of discussion around deciding to self publish or to seek a traditional publishing company to publish books, particularly for new authors. I went with a publishing company for all three of my books because that is what was best for me.  I would say to do your research and compare do a "pros" and "cons" list to see what will best fit your needs.

I will say for me, going with a reputable publishing company was ideal for me because not only did they give me feedback, they also did the editing, consultation, provided me with marketing tools, etc. I did, however, incorporated my own ideas and created marketing and promotional tools for myself (I would recommend that whether you go with a traditional publisher or not).  It's always a good idea to have multiple creative outlets when promoting your book I have learned over the years since getting my very first book published years ago.

Bottom line, every author is different and you have to find the avenues that will work best for you.  Best wishes to you all.

Contracts and Agreements

June 10, 2021

A couple months ago I was reading a post from an author group page on social media that was talking about a business deal involving this person's book.

He had a supposedly "professional editor" working with him and throughout the process, it became difficult to get in contact with this individual to check on how the editing was coming along. 

The author then states that when he finally did reach this editor who he was working with, he basically told the author that he did not have his manuscript and that they did NOT sign a contract.... Let's pause here a moment.

NEVER go into any type of service or business agreement without some type of contract or agreement in place, this is to protect yourself and you work. I don't care what it is, song, book, music, etc. get a contract, agreement, NDA, something to protect all parties involved. I had to learn this the hard way many years ago (I had a song I wrote taken from me because I did not get it copywritten). 

So back to the story above, unfortunately, this author had no recourse and the editor/publisher basically stole his work. Protect yourselves my fellow authors.